Hamilton Reiss and its associated companies Richmond Chase and Yellowbloc are privately held companies.

If you have investment propositions or opportunities that you would like to discuss with Hamilton Reiss, we will discuss these with you in the strictest confidence. We are able to proceed on an client advisor basis and if suitable to both parties, develop this either into a joint venture basis or utilising our existing contacts bring in external investors and third party expertise.

By leveraging on our financial and operational expertise we work with our partners in indentifying gaps in the market and turning them into successful businesses. We do this by working with our partners in the investment appraisal stage and once the business is operating we provide ongoing support with both the financial management of the business and ensuring that the strategic  plans are adhered to.

With Hamilton Reiss’s considerable knowledge and experience in the financial management and real estate sectors, we operate an open architecture model. In practice this means, suitable to both parties, individuals and business with investment propositions can deal with the aspects of the investment cycle that they are most capable with, leaving Hamilton Reiss to deal with all other aspects and engage third party expertise where necessary.


Case Study : Property Development

Hamilton Reiss was approached by a building firm wishing to expand into the Property development business.

With its natural experience in the build management process, the building firm concentrated on this aspect. Hamilton Reiss dealt in the land sourcing, acquisition and subsequent property management as well as overseeing of all financial management and tax issues. Third part expertise was brought in on originating the commercial loan.

Case Study : PR & Business Development Agency

Hamilton Reiss was approached by a group of journalists who were exploring avenues to diversify from journalism by building on their existing skill set.

Appreciating the reduced revenue streams available for journalists in the new media industry . We worked with our partners in indentifying their key skills and contacts within the media and marketing industries and formulating a plan to monitise these assets. This led to the formation of a PR & Business Development Agency.

Hamilton Reiss took the lead and formulated the plan to operate the mechanism so the Agency could earn commission by connecting different businesses in their network. As part of this we were also responsible for dealing with the operational and legal aspects of this business arm.